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English Film Title: 

MY FAMILY - When people are poor

One-liner about the film:

A children's documentary about children in Norway who are experiencing poverty.


Original Title: 

MIN FAMILIE - Når noen er fattige

One-liner about the film (in Norwegian):

En barnedokumentar om barn i Norge som opplever fattigdom.


Name of Director: 

Torgeir Kalvehagen


Date of completion:

31 March 2017





Running time (minutes): 

24.15 min.


Age recommendation: 



Country of production: 



Name of production company: 

Filmplot AS


English subtitles available? 



Available screening formats: 

Prores / Quick time

DCP, 25 frames.


Submitter's company name: 

Filmplot AS


Contact person's name: 

Torgeir Kalvehagen


Contact person's phone number: 

+47 - 91634868


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Name of International sales agent: 

Torgeir Kalvehagen


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Screening code on request.

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